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Curators Salary Information in Michigan

The average annual and hourly salaries for curators in the state of Michigan are shown in Table 1 and Table 2, respectively. The comparison of the salary statistics of curators amongst Michigan metropolitan areas is shown in Table 3. The salary statistics are based on the national compensation survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017 and published in April 2018 [1].

Table 1 & 2. Annual & Hourly Salary of Curators in Michigan

Percentile BracketAverage Annual Salary
10th Percentile Wage
25th Percentile Wage
50th Percentile Wage
75th Percentile Wage
90th Percentile Wage

Table 1 shows the average annual salary for curators in Michigan in 5 percentile scales. The average annual salary for the 90th percentile (the top 10 percent of the highest paid) is $76,340. The median (50th percentile) annual salary is $46,530. The average annual salary for the bottom 10 percent is $26,150.

Salary Trend (2012 to 2017)

The table and chart below show the trend of the median salary of curators from 2012 to 2017.

YearMedian SalaryYearly Growth5-Year Growth
1.40% -9.35%
-4.38% -
-3.76% -
-1.21% -
-1.17% -
- -

Table 3. Median Annual Salary of Curators in Michigan Cities

Table 3 shows the median annual salary of curators in some Michigan cities and metropolitan areas. We note that the median annual salary of curators in state of Michigan ranges from $39,260 to $71,940. The highest paying area for curators in Michigan is Ann Arbor with a median annual salary of $71,940. The second highest paying city/area in Michigan State is Detroit-Warren-Livonia (mean annual salary $44,930). The lowest paying area is Grand Rapids-Wyoming with a median annual salary of $39,260.

Cities/Areas Median Annual Salary
Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids-Wyoming


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